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Nissan Chemical

Nissan Chemical was founded in 1887 as Tokyo Jinzo Hiryo, Japan’s first chemical fertilizer manufacturer, by Meiji Period visionaries Jokichi Takamine, Eiichi Shibusawa and Takashi Masuda.

Subsequently merging with Kanto Sanso, Nippon Kagaku Hiryo, etc., the company eventually changed its name to Dainippon Jinzo Hiryo.

In 1937, the company made a comprehensive transfer of its assets, etc., to Nippon Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd., which was affiliated with Nippon Sangyo Corporation, then changed the name of the company to Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd. In 2018, the Company has already been transcending the framework of industry in the development of its business and will accelerate this effort toward the future. In order to clarify this stance, we changed our name to Nissan Chemical Corporation.

The company’s first factory was built at what is now 1 Ojima, Koto-ku, Tokyo. There is still a memorial monument to commemorate the times in the park that was built at the site.

Agricultural Chemicals

Providing a stable supply of food to the world’s people

Providing agricultural chemicals that are gentle to the earth’s environment

That is what we hope for.

Nissan Chemical Corporation is working proactively on “discovery and development” of new agents for major crops in Japan and overseas. In addition, the Company is working to enhance the product lineup through M&A and acquisition of agents from other companies.

We support agriculture in Poland and provide critical crop protection solutions to Polish farmers.

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